Monday, August 24, 2015

Sheeezzuuss... How long has it been?

Greetings Reader,

It has been nearly 4 years since my last post, but I am back. That said I have zero discipline, and motivation comes and goes sporadically like twenty-something's hangovers and subsequent swearing off of all alcohol, for like ever man, this time I really mean it.

Let's go to Denny's.

I spent a great deal of time playing World of Warcraft when I was posting, but all things change. With my leisure time no longer being spent almost solely in Azeroth, I wanted to put a fresh coat of paint on the blog. This is something I wanted to do for a very long time, but only recently developed the drive to do so with a sudden inspiration: I am not only Xunn (or the many other personas) from World of Warcraft.

I think originally I created this blog to further involve myself in WoW, and it's community. All I had to offer at the time was humour, and that is still the case. I will leave the theory crafting and strategy to the experts, and invest my talents to sarcasm and wit, poop jokes and mocking my betters.

Now I plan to include much more than one MMO. I play EvE Online as Crimson Nirnroots and he has a very small but satisfying impact in the Universe of New Eden. I want to tell his story here, and explain his roleplay and personality.

I have always loved single player games. 2011 saw the release of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (The same year the last post appeared here; coincidence? No.),and still to this day it is my most favouritest of games. Additionally we're anticipating the November release of Fallout4, another Bethesda franchise, I want to share my feelings on them as well as other single player RPG titles.

 I will link both my Steam profile and PSN handle somewhere on here. I have a variety of games and would love to share my thoughts about their game play, how I enjoy them, and what makes each of them special. I enjoy watching game Reviewers on YouTube, and will link interesting and hilarious uploads as I can.

These are a handful of the changes and additions I have coming down pipe, five by five. I hope to keep moderately busy with it, I do enjoy writing all the shite and nonsense I do to make people laugh. Far too many in our society take everything in life far too seriously. I do not, and I cannot make a concrete commitment to a schedule, so posts will be pretty random.

Suck it up, Fuckers. I smell some bacon, gotta run.

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